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400Bluesteels Holdings.
Built to Last and Inspire.

Forging a sustainable future for all through investments into industries that shape our world.  


Founded by Peter Osunde and George Osunde in 2019 the 400Bluesteels Holdings is a global enterprise, headquartered in Nigeria, comprising 8 companies across five verticals. ​​



400 Bluesteels Holdings aims to strategically diversify its portfolio and expand its market presence over the next decade. Leveraging its large resources under management, the company will focus on targeted investments across its core sectors of construction, oil and gas, real estate, healthcare, and hospitality. Through meticulous market analysis and due diligence, the company will identify emerging opportunities and capitalize on them to enhance its revenue streams and mitigate risks associated with sector-specific fluctuations.

Analytics & Insights

To support informed decision-making and maximize returns, 400 Bluesteels Holdings will heavily invest in analytics and insights. Utilizing advanced data analytics tools and industry expertise, the company will continuously monitor market trends, consumer behavior, regulatory changes, and competitive landscapes across its sectors. By extracting actionable insights from data, the company will adapt its investment strategies swiftly, identify new growth avenues, and optimize operational efficiencies to stay ahead in dynamic market environments.

Development & Finance

In line with its growth strategy, 400 Bluesteels Holdings will prioritize prudent development and financial management practices. The company will allocate significant resources towards nurturing existing investments, fostering strategic partnerships, and pursuing synergistic acquisitions that complement its portfolio. Additionally, the company will maintain a disciplined approach to financial planning, emphasizing capital preservation, debt management, and sustainable growth. By adhering to robust financial frameworks and fostering innovation in project development, 400 Bluesteels Holdings aims to achieve long-term profitability and create value for its stakeholders over the next five years.


Join 400Bluesteels Holdings

400 Bluesteel Holdings is rapidly expanding. Apply today to be apart of our mission, vision and team.

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